hello there, i'm Nettra (pronounced according to spelling: net + tra = nettra).

i'm a global nomad and digital native currently based in Lausanne. i was born in California, raised in Phnom Penh and was a passionate flâneur in New York City and Paris.

i am a former political scientist keen on helping diverse stakeholders work together towards sustainable solutions to poverty. learning about the impact of technology, entrepreneurship and creativity on society is what gives me energy. i am so happy to have the opportunity to do this everyday at EPFL.

this tumblr helps me keep track of things which have happened to me, as well as the interesting, funny, inspiring and beautiful links i find this on this internet odyssey.

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for something more focused and structured (i.e., without photos of cute animals), you may like to browse my online art portfolio or visit my website. you can also find me on twitter, ask me a question or feed my fish.

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How to Pitch in One Sentence

Shorter is better. Examples from TechCrunch’s competition:

“My company, Flat-Club, is developing an online marketplace to help students and alumni of top universities find short-term accommodation by leveraging existing social networks to create trust.”

“My company, Neo, is developing an online lending platform to help first time car buyers get an affordable car loan by assessing credit risk based on the borrower’s real-time financial and social data as credit history.”

“My company, Mocku.ps, is developing a Web application to help product design teams quickly share mockups, precisely communicate and collaboratively refine design ideas with dead simple drag and drop tools.”

“Our company, KIDzOUT, is developing a mobile application to help parents find nearby diaper changing stations, kid-friendly restaurants, play areas, or medical services using our proprietary, national database of over 260,000 known locations.”

“My company, ScatchApp, is developing a mobile application to help designers transform their paper sketches into working, interactive mock-ups.”

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