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We have to admit something sad but true, men rule the world.

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook at Barnard College’s 2011 Class Day

It’s a controversial statement, but worth considering! If it was true, would you change the way you acted? If it wasn’t, would you change the way you acted? Bottom line: is it worth reevaluating your behavior in any case? I first heard of this inspiring woman when I saw her TED Talk on why we have too few women leaders.

Here’s a larger excerpt from her speech at Barnard, as described by a Bwog writer.

“Ask a woman why she did well on something,” Sandberg proposes, “and she’ll say ‘I got lucky. All of these great people helped me. I worked really hard.’ Ask a man and he’ll say or think, ‘What a dumb question I’m awesome.’” A boy nearby snickered, “I’m all kinds of awesome right now.”

Yes, Sandberg’s comment was a sweeping generalization that got lots of laughs, but she does support her jokes with studies. There’s a negative correlation between success and likability for women and a positive correlation for men. Women attribute their success to outside factors like luck and the people around them, whereas men attribute their success to themselves. In a heterosexual couple working full time, the woman will perform three times the amount of childcare. Plus, men are more ambitious than women—apparently there’s a study for that too. But these facts are so jarring and uncomfortable because they’re true.

Read the full recap of the commencement and watch Sandberg’s complete speech here. Read her transcript here.

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